Tue, 31 Aug 2004

Blackhole Weekends

That is, weekends that just disappear, and you don't know what happened. Well, Ok, I do know what happened this time...

mjb@toolbox:~> arp -a ( at 00:04:1F:7D:64:AB [ether] on eth0

*sigh*. Still waiting on my backorder of SOCOM II to arrive (with headset), but I did hire it out from a local video rental outlet for the weekend. I think that's what happened anyway...

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Fri, 27 Aug 2004

Athens 2004 Mens Triathlon

Actually, Jordi, I think the Triathlon was a bit of a spectacular triumph! *g*. Ok, my commiserations, it's never nice to get so close, and yet be pipped at the post. As Kofi Annan is quoted as saying:

The greatest moment of a swimming race is not when one swimmer begins to pull ahead of the pack, or when one touches the wall in victory.

The greatest moment takes place before the starting pistol fires -- the moment when no nation is greater or smaller, or stronger or weaker, than any other.

For me, that is the Olympic Moment.

So, for that matter, Congratulations on Spain qualifying for the Olympics anyway.

Lets not talk about the mens points cycling...

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