Sun, 27 Mar 2005

Ampersand Breakages in XML feeds.

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo writes of reports that one of his blog entries was disrupting some feed readers, and that he was given the impression it was his fault.. It wasn't.

I've just starting using Liferea after reading that Julian Danjou is giving it a go.

I noticed that Liferea was throwing up a nice big red warning stating the feed was broken when clicking on "Planet Debian" in the feed list. After a bit of investigation, I found that Jose's feed was fine, it was the one that Planet was giving - somewhere along the line, it had decided to change Jose's "&" into "&" (I hope those render properly!)

So, basically, it's a bit ripe of people to blame the source, when it's actually an aggregator in between that's taking a perfectly good feed and breaking it. I'd call that a bug, wouldn't you?

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