Tue, 31 May 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Drew, one of my LCA2006 organising committee, had some free movie tickets that were due to expire today. He and his partner would not be able to use them, so he gave them to me yesterday. Raewyn and I are going out for dinner with friends tonight (which also happens to be because an offer expires today), so we went to see a movie last night - Kingdom of Heaven.

It was pretty good actually - the story was interesting, and the characters believable (but I did slightly expect Orlando to do some crazy leaping around on a giant elephant... er hang on, wrong movie). The tale is of the Crusades, and of Balian's travels to, and subsequent defence of Jerusalem. One thing that piqued my interest, was that King Baldwin was a leper. I now have an interest to learn more about leprosy...

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Hey, Me too!

David Starkoff talks of bagging Qantas... I've done it too, but not to a huge extent, I was just pretty miffed that my bag was lost on a short hop like that... dumbasses.

Anyway, reading David's link to this, I thoroughly enjoyed this comment:

I doubt it- those carriers aren't infested with EEO and wrongful dismissal laws. Business and 1st class in QF aren't bad- you have pillowbiters and manky old slappers all over you like a cheap suit; bit different back in the dog-box though. Any of the Asian carriers shit all over QF for service from a great height; I don't know about BA, haven't used them for a while but they used to have great fat old bags with smiles from the "Bumper Book of British Dental Hygiene" who looked like they should be behind the counter of the local chippie. US airlines are even worse than Qantas- Continental had some walrus who couldn't even fit her fat arse down the aisle of a DC10 so they sacked her, she sued and was re-instated, hopefully as a wheel chock. Ther sooner TG, SQ, MH and even JL get access to domestic legs the better- likelyhood? Zero.

Comment by PB -- 12/1/2005 @ 9:01 am

All in all, yeah, I've noticed that everytime I end up flying with Qantas, I feel dirty when I disembark. The service is crap, the plane feels sterile rather than cosy, and you just get that feeling of "Are we there yet?" nagging at you the whole way. About the only thing going for them is that they serve alcohol on domestic flights :> (Alcohol on flights is bad, I know, but it's my choice noddy, so bog off :P).

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