Wed, 01 Jun 2005

Like, Duh.

Ok, so I'm a dufus. I previously blogged about keysigning with caff, and how easy it was. Well, caff uses a perl module that uses your MTA to make its deliveries - from your local user account. Anyone sense the problem yet? Since my laptop has a hostname that's resolvable only within my personal home LAN, nearly half of all the keysigning I did never actually went anywhere... it got to my smtp server, sat there for a while due to the remote servers rejecting/deferring due to a non-resolvable envelope sender, and then promptly got deleted once the retries failed. Wibble.

So, I grepped my laptop hostname out of the exim logs, found the unique exim ids within, grepped those out into individual files, and did a little shell hackery to work out who's email addresses didn't get a key delivered. Luckily, caff keeps a nice working directory of the keys you've signed, and the mail messages it sent - so, now I've got 80 odd messages that I'll be reinserting into my MTA queue, and sending on their way - after adding the appropriate line to my smtp server's exim.conf:

# Rewrite stuff from my laptop, so it's got a valid envelope domain.
^(.*)@flatbed\.int\.ethernal\.org$  $ SF

Anyway, to those of you out there that are about to get spammed with old messages, I apologise - but they *are* only about 3 weeks old. If you're lucky, I may feel like updating all the Date: headers, but I dunno... seems like too much work.

Oh - How did I find these? I was futzing around trying to get exim4 working on my new laptop, specifically so I could use caff, to sign AJ's new key, and discovered the log entries on my smtp server of the failed deliveries. Anthony, I hope you feel special :P

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