Sun, 24 Apr 2005

And So It Begins...

Well, I thought I'd better write an entry considering LCA2005 is over, and it's now my ballgame for 2006... *gulp*.

So, the conference was cool, lots of neat people about to chat to, and a few stressed organisers to observe... The future feels somewhat foreboding. They did a wonderful job though, and credit to them. They can now relax, and enjoy the fact that they have lives. Or do they?

Anyway, the talks were good, and a lot of variety was to be had. Sadly, I managed to miss a few - mainly due to clashes, and also because I spent a fair bit of time annoying the organisers. Lots of questions and stuff. The only ones who don't get away with relaxing are those that are coming to Ghosts next month, and Tony, who's joining my team for logistical reasons.

It's become a bit of a 'thing' that I'm a 'fan boy' or some such - I blame AJ and elmo, they kept saying it. I had a huge number of people asking me about getting "Bdale fan club" buttons (you know, the american name for badges). No thanks to Elizabeth Garbee for that one. I'll actually make an excuse here, and say I was just schmoozing the cool people to make sure they'll come next year of course! (Hey, elmo: You little ripper!)

So, my little presentation at the conf close sucked, but that's ok, it wasn't meant to be anything spectacular! Putting that aside, In Jeff Smith^WWaugh's words, "ROCK ON!" - Dunedin will rock, and we'll make sure of it. Make sure you come if you can, it's a great place!

So, does anyone have a contact to get good "mates rates" price on psychological treatment? I have a feeling I'll need it in about 10 months...

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