Mon, 02 Feb 2004

Partitioning woes

Ok, so I've got this old AlphaServer 2000 4/200. Nice machine. I shall name it 'fridge'... But, it takes those horrid little digital HDD enclosures, and I only have 2G ones. Right, how do I partition this? Ok, so I only want to partition the first drive, and create a raid5 set with the rest which would have /usr, /var and /home or so.. That's no problem.. but What can I put on the first disk without neglecting the fact I have redundancy on the raid5 set?? hmm, perhaps /boot and swap, and put / on the raid5 set too, but what else? to put it to good use?

Should I mention that I've been undecided on this for a good two and a half months or so? It's sat in my lounge waiting for me to install it... Works as a good coffee table/footrest..

There's no point in me commenting on Orkut, as everyone else has pretty much covered everything.

Only a few more days now...

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