Thu, 26 Feb 2004

"Stumble Upon"

Ok, so I followed Adam's google link, and discovered this thing called "StumbleUpon" at Is this to be the new fad? looks like another one of those neat community things... My instantaneous reaction was along the lines of 'my my, that's spyware in-your-face'. *shrug*, I'm not one to care particularly much about who knows what pages I view, so I signed up. pretty damned easy to install too... works a treat in good old mozzy.

Oh, and some of those [turnpikefilms][] ads are great...


UPDATE 2004/02/26: Hmmmm
Ok, so it appears stumbleupon is last years fad... I seem to have a history of missing things like this....

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Tue, 24 Feb 2004

Saying goodbye to Orkut?

Having noticed that "" had expired from my browser URL history... I'm left wondering if the latest and greatest geek fad has passed on... or is it still being used out there? I only went back because I recieved another 'Foo is your friend' mail...

GTA:VC managed to suck an enourmous amount of my time this last week or so... So much for finishing GTA3 first.

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Wed, 18 Feb 2004

Mythical Cats.

Damn neighbour has a cat that keeps coming into my house, through my cat door, intimidating my cat, and eating the cat food I paid for. Where is the justice in that?

Ok, so there must be a solution to this. I've been told that if I can trap the cat, and give it a hell of a fright it'll get the message it's not welcome. Supposedly something like bailing it up in a corner, squirting it with water, hissing and yelling at it should work. I've been laying a trap when I'm home... shut my cat in a room with food/litter tray and stuff to play with, and set the cat door to be 'in only'. Haven't had any luck yet.

I've been mucking around with MythTV a bit, finally deciding that there's a feature or two I want. One of which is a form of 'substring matching' on the program title. New Zealands free-to-air networks have a pretty crap set of data available for xmltv - on a fairly regular basis, the title will contain the episode name with no obvious separation between the two... Anyway, I managed to work out how best to do this within Myth's backend fairly simply, but it did mean I had to bone up on my SQL. Now I just have to get around to coding up some form of UI within MythTV's frontend to set up recordings using this....

Vim's a cool editor, but whilst writing this entry I could not, for the life of me, work out how I could set up a conditional execution of ':set tw=80' based on the filename, and said file's location on the filesystem. Something like:

au BufNewFile,BufReadPost,BufRead /blog/data/*/*.txt :set tw=80 what I want, but can I work it out? no!

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Sun, 08 Feb 2004

Planets, and Hostap.

On Planets...

Sorry Joerg, I agree with MJ Ray - Planets are about the community, not the project. This has been bashed about a lot by the Apache folk too, and thom is also an advocate of the Planet-is-a-community ideal, so I'm not going to ramble too much.... It's been covered before.

On Hostap...

I set up an old laptop today, with my surplus PrismII wireless card (a Dlink DWL-650) and hostap at my Girlfriends new flat.. Her flatmates have a DSL internet connection, so I'll pitch in with the cost, but it means I've now got wireless access at her flat too! I must admit, I'm somewhat impressed. I just installed the drivers from testing, mucked a bit till I found the ignorecisvcc option to stop this silly card causing a kernel oops, and I was away. Installed bridge-utils, wrote a short init script to start up a bridge after pcmcia started, and I now have a bridging AP! Now I'll post this whilst lying on her bed watching television... Ain't technology great?

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Mon, 02 Feb 2004

Partitioning woes

Ok, so I've got this old AlphaServer 2000 4/200. Nice machine. I shall name it 'fridge'... But, it takes those horrid little digital HDD enclosures, and I only have 2G ones. Right, how do I partition this? Ok, so I only want to partition the first drive, and create a raid5 set with the rest which would have /usr, /var and /home or so.. That's no problem.. but What can I put on the first disk without neglecting the fact I have redundancy on the raid5 set?? hmm, perhaps /boot and swap, and put / on the raid5 set too, but what else? to put it to good use?

Should I mention that I've been undecided on this for a good two and a half months or so? It's sat in my lounge waiting for me to install it... Works as a good coffee table/footrest..

There's no point in me commenting on Orkut, as everyone else has pretty much covered everything.

Only a few more days now...

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