Wed, 18 Feb 2004

Mythical Cats.

Damn neighbour has a cat that keeps coming into my house, through my cat door, intimidating my cat, and eating the cat food I paid for. Where is the justice in that?

Ok, so there must be a solution to this. I've been told that if I can trap the cat, and give it a hell of a fright it'll get the message it's not welcome. Supposedly something like bailing it up in a corner, squirting it with water, hissing and yelling at it should work. I've been laying a trap when I'm home... shut my cat in a room with food/litter tray and stuff to play with, and set the cat door to be 'in only'. Haven't had any luck yet.

I've been mucking around with MythTV a bit, finally deciding that there's a feature or two I want. One of which is a form of 'substring matching' on the program title. New Zealands free-to-air networks have a pretty crap set of data available for xmltv - on a fairly regular basis, the title will contain the episode name with no obvious separation between the two... Anyway, I managed to work out how best to do this within Myth's backend fairly simply, but it did mean I had to bone up on my SQL. Now I just have to get around to coding up some form of UI within MythTV's frontend to set up recordings using this....

Vim's a cool editor, but whilst writing this entry I could not, for the life of me, work out how I could set up a conditional execution of ':set tw=80' based on the filename, and said file's location on the filesystem. Something like:

au BufNewFile,BufReadPost,BufRead /blog/data/*/*.txt :set tw=80 what I want, but can I work it out? no!

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