Sun, 08 Feb 2004

Planets, and Hostap.

On Planets...

Sorry Joerg, I agree with MJ Ray - Planets are about the community, not the project. This has been bashed about a lot by the Apache folk too, and thom is also an advocate of the Planet-is-a-community ideal, so I'm not going to ramble too much.... It's been covered before.

On Hostap...

I set up an old laptop today, with my surplus PrismII wireless card (a Dlink DWL-650) and hostap at my Girlfriends new flat.. Her flatmates have a DSL internet connection, so I'll pitch in with the cost, but it means I've now got wireless access at her flat too! I must admit, I'm somewhat impressed. I just installed the drivers from testing, mucked a bit till I found the ignorecisvcc option to stop this silly card causing a kernel oops, and I was away. Installed bridge-utils, wrote a short init script to start up a bridge after pcmcia started, and I now have a bridging AP! Now I'll post this whilst lying on her bed watching television... Ain't technology great?

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