Sat, 05 Feb 2005

That Geocaching Bug...

I've known about Geocaching for quite some time, but never really gotten into it, until joeyh Mentioned it a while back. Since he wrote that article, I've been slowly gearing up to have a go.

Since I've got one of those Pocket PC things for work, I thought I should find some software for it to record all of my cache attempts, and store the information from the website that I'd need for them. There's a few little gems available, which is good - currently I'm only using GPXSonar (horrible site), until I get an interface cable to link my eTrex with the Pocket PC, when I'll start using G7TOCE. I'm hoping to find something better that will let me do the GPS stuff on the handheld.. but that would probably be better with a bluetooth GPS receiver. Anyway, I digress...

Sooo, today, I finally get around to going out and having a decent go at this thing... What a rush! It really is a bug, and I'm definitely addicted. I'll have to try and pick up a Travel Bug before I go to LCA2005 - I'll try to bring one back too. Well, I usually don't like to subscribe to pay services, but this is one I'm happy to, since its fun, and it's nice to know that payment will help keep the website running. And the ulterior motive, is that you need to be a paid member to be able to download GPX files of multiple caches - great for things like GPXSonar above.

So, on my first day of caching, I got 8 caches - one of which was an FTF (First To Find), and another was a Multi-cache (follow clues from the start to the actual cache). A successful day, I think.

Anyway, if you have a GPS Receiver, get into Geocaching - it's fun, it helps get you out and about (exercise is a good thing, mmmk?), and it's just generally geeky! AND you get to call non-cachers "muggles"! :)

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