Thu, 12 May 2005


Well, I've spent a few hours over the last 2-3 days slowly converting all the entries in my blog to use Markdown syntax, mainly thanks to Andrew Cowie's entry regarding his escapades into the blogosphere. I'd wanted to get this sorted out for some time, since I was sick of writing HTML for relatively simple formatting.

Andrew's RSS2.0 and Atom feed code, munges with $ENV{TZ}, but sadly it appears the ctime() that Blosxom uses doesn't react well to it being set, so I took Andrew's code, and added a couple of splatterings of "delete $ENV{TZ};" to get around this. (Basically posts on your web version appear with GMT too, rather than just what's in your Syndicated feeds).

The result of this, is that I now have rss20 and atom 'flavours', in Blosxom speak, for my blog. I decided to use some of those funky little feed icons too. Now, at some stage, I may even get around to learning some CSS to change the look and feel of things... who knows!

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