Fri, 11 Jun 2004

Let's Play Catch-Up...

Again, I seem to have forgotten about this blogging thing. I promise I'll lay off the memes this time though. (Although, the last one was fun, I was fascinated to see it flourish).

Anyway... The position was filled, and I now have a new workmate. He started on Tuesday. Now I get to answer lots of questions :).

A lot has happened over the last month, I grew a year older, for one... I'm still looking forward to the next one though (25), so that my insurance premiums on the car go down. I'm paying an exorbitant amount now. I guess that figures, since I'm paying for full cover.

Jordi, yeah, Blog spam is pretty common, I dropped the comments plugin from my blog because of precisely that... if people want to comment, they can mail me. I don't particularly want to participate in increasing their link count with google (or whatever that thing google calls it).

I got an answer back a while ago from the Antenna designer, but he was basically avoiding the questions, and trying to say "Pay me, I'll make you one". Incredibly typical of HAM's in general. Even those that have been introduced late to the Open Source community still exhibit this behaviour. I must admit, it's very interesting to compare the two hobbies, Both are very technical in nature, both consist of a large amount of information sharing, but only the Amateur fraternity appear to be hung up about money. A good example are the sites on the intarweb where you can find manuals for various Amateur rigs - where you have to pay.... Not that I'm against this of course, it's a free world (supposedly) - but it does get a bit rediculous. Oh, the outcome? I built a boring old 2m J-pole.

My sister decided she'd like to gate crash my place, and borrow my TV and PS2 again, to watch a DVD. (I don't mind, free entertainment). Anyway, we watched Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine". A very good movie... I'd never seen it before, and I can tell you this, the guy is right on the button.. Not much I can add to it really, other than the fact that it's amazing that he's an a American that can see how fucked up his country is. (I'm sure there are others, but hey, he made a movie).

For my birthday, some friends got me some free movie passes.. WOO! We've (my girlfriend and I) been to see two movies so far, Some chick-flick that I forget, and The Day After Tomorrow. A lot of folks appear to find it stupid... Given, it was rather "hollywood", but I did find some of the theories presented interesting. The earth trying to keep an equilibrium in place was a good start.

Well, that's about it.. there's a few other boring and mundane things, and the shortly to be written entry above.. :P

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