Sat, 17 Jan 2004


Indeed, thom Smudge is right, it has rocked hard. But, I don't know what he's on about, with the whole 'having to put up with Omnic' comment. The weather has been great, not too hot, not freezing, just a happy medium. Sadly it's a bit colder today, and Linus is getting dunked in about 15-20 minutes... We have a dunk tank! I'm sure there will be many interesting pictures up later today/tomorrow.

I have to be up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning, something like 4am.. not really looking forward to it, but I guess I'd rather go home than be stuck in Adelaide for the rest of my life. I hope my bag doesn't get 'misplaced' like it did in Sydney on the way over.... Qantas did give me a pretty cool overnight bag though.

Conference Dinner. Right. yeah, ok... lets buy a T-shirt for AU$3,600 - No thanks! but still, it's pretty cool to raise that much for charity. Anand is a bitch though, he pumped some absynthe into me last night, which promptly spelt the end to my drinking.

Right, off to see Linus get wet!

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