Tue, 20 Jan 2004

Ain't no place like Home.

So, I finally made it home, after a complete day of flying and hanging around boring airports. I did manage to catch up with Brendan O'Dea at Sydney, and we had a quick coffee before I wandered off to board my flight to Wellington. He enjoyed the chance to go for a bit of a ride on his bike.. Lucky bastard. I had three or so hours in Wellington, so I ended up catching the bus into the city, and catching up with a friend there, who happens to have a 100Mbit link to the local CBD network, called Citylink. I'll just seethe with jealousy for a while. (6MB/s to Australia, dammit).

Got back into Dunedin at about 8pm, and was politely informed by the pilot as we landed, that we'd all missed out on a 30°C day. The airport apparently got up to 33°C. I was picked up by my 'Brother-in-law' (they're not married, and they don't plan to... it's just easier to say that), and delivered home. My cat was ultra-pleased to see me.

Anyway, to top it all off, There was a letter waiting from the Justice Department. Yay. The thought "Oh god, what have I done?" went through my mind. After opening it, I discovered it was a summons to Jury Duty. Great! A week off work! Perhaps I should demand compensation for the undue stress of receiving a letter from the Justice Department thinking I was in some sort of trouble.... Hmmmm....

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