Tue, 02 Mar 2004

Apache+mod_ssl, and a morning off work.

Ok, I also agree with joeyh, I hate thinking of titles too....

Moving on, I learnt for the first time today, how SSL Cert creation works... A workmate usually does that stuff. But I run the webmail service, which I finally decided I should get a move on with, and make encrypted. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I created a key, and then the Cert Signing Request, and mailed it off to the 'IT Security Officer' for him to plug into Thawte's web page.

Sadly, the machine in question, is running RHAS... I'm thankful that I managed to put my foot down with my pride and joy.... the Student mail server. Quad 2.8GHz Xeon, 4G RAM, and ~850GB of RAID5'd disk for the cyrus spool. It runs Debian. As part of our 'policies', we reserve the right to mass mail students. The in-house software - Ok, bash script - that was written long before I arrived, used to take a good 5-7 hours on the old Solaris box that once accomodated the students. After an extensive rewrite by myself, it now runs in just under 10 minutes. Ok, to how many accounts you ask? Just under 16 thousand.

Some will remember that I recieved a Summons to Jury duty... It was awfully nice for the accused, a nicely tattooed chap, to decide that morning he'd enter a guilty plea. The court person said "Thanks for coming. We only heard about his decision this morning, so there was no time for us to contact you." Oh well, I'm not too fussed.. I got the morning off work, and $25 for the trouble (Jury duty lands you $25 per half day in NZ). Would have been interesting too... apparently he was weilding a weapon (a knife) on a public street, and had threatened to seriously harm someone with it. A Year ago. It appears that in law, things move even slower than at work.

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