Wed, 03 Mar 2004

Dead Mouse

Lovely. Last night, the nipple/clit/whatever mouse on my laptop died. Well, ok, it didn't really die, it just lost its Y-axis. Anyway, I'm just glad I use an external mouse at home and work, so it didn't bother me. But, I'm frequently not at home enough, that it would annoy me over time.

As luck would have it, the store I bought it at is right next door to work, and I happen to be a relatively good friend with the service dude. So I wandered in this morning, and showed him. He passed me a screwdriver. Turns out this is common, especially when big louts like myself put too much force on the mouse. Anyway, after reseating the ribbon cable from the keyboard to the motherboard, it starts working again. He said it was either that, or I'd busted it and the keyboard would need to be replaced. Thankfully - my warranty ran out about 9 months ago.

I decided to muck around with x2x this morning too... it's pretty neat. Now I can just pass my mouse right over past the second head on my work desktop, and control my laptop. Neato.

I also discovered - Ok, realised - that I can plug in a ps/2 keyboard before I power up and it'll work correctly... Because I'm using the Software Suspend stuff on my laptop, which means a fresh power up to init hardware after each resume. Double Neato.

Perhaps now I should do some work? nah, home for lunch.

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